Advent 2013: Days 12-14

Advent Day 12: Snowman Poop

I found this snowman poop idea on Pinterest, and I was supposed to use powdered donut holes, but I couldn’t find them anywhere, so I just went with regular mini powdered donuts. I don’t think Rosen minded at all ;-). I’ve also seen this idea used with marshmallows, yogurt covered raisins, and white Tic Tacs, so maybe we’ll do one of those next year if I still have trouble finding the donut holes. Ro certainly got a kick out eating “snowman poop.”




Advent Day 13: Read Christmas books at the library

Today we got out of the house and headed to our local library to read some Christmas books. Rosen has been enjoying opening a Christmas book every night to read with me and Michael before bed, so I had a feeling she would enjoy doing this as well. She loved picking out her own books off the shelf and sitting on all the colorful furniture to read.





Advent Day 14: Breakfast with Santa

On Saturday morning, we headed to a local Breakfast with Santa event.


They even had live reindeer outside, but it was raining, so I wasn’t able to get a good photo of Rosen by them.




They had several little activities the kids could do while they waited to see Santa. Rosen colored some Christmas coloring pages and made an ornament with some Girl Scouts.




When it was our turn to see Santa, Rosen started crying and refused to sit in his lap, so we ended up taking a super awkward family photo with Santa. I thought since it was her second time seeing Santa this season, she would do better than the first time, not worse. Oh well…still a cute memory.


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