Happy 2nd Birthday, Rosen!

Today my baby is officially 2 years old! It’s crazy to think how much she’s changed in just one year. She started the year off saying a few simple words, and is now speaking in phrases. In January, she didn’t have enough hair for bows, and now we can do little pony tails. She went from a crib to a toddler bed. So many changes in such a relatively short period of time!

Rosen Lately:

  • Rosen’s speech has improved like crazy this past month. She’s repeating pretty much everything she hears, and is speaking so much more clearly. She’s speaking a lot more in phrases and complete sentences as well. She loves narrating her favorite shows and telling me everything that’s going on. She’s saying everyone’s names in our family now, and we have quite a big family! Rosen has lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins to remember.
  • She’s getting a lot better at counting and reciting the ABC’s. Before this month, she would pretty much only say the number 2, and now she can sort of count to 10. She still misses a few numbers at times and needs little reminders to get her there, but she’s pretty close to mastering it. With her ABC’s, she’s really only making it to about the letter E, but considering she wouldn’t recite it at all before this month, I’d say that’s pretty good!
  • She’s also getting a lot better with her manners. She says “please” and “thank you” and “you’re welcome” pretty consistently. It makes it so much harder to tell her no now that she’s sweetly saying “pwease” after every request. We still need to work on what it means to share though. Right now, she seems to think it means, “Give it to me!” and says, “Share!” every time she wants to hold something.
  • She’s still as affectionate as ever. She loves giving hugs and kisses, and cuddling with me on the sofa. However, now she actually requests to cuddle. She’ll pull me over to the sofa, and say, “Mama, cuddle,” and curl up with me. It kills me :-).
  • Rosen is so good about going to bed. When it’s nap time, or time for bed at night, we can pretty much just lay her down and tuck her in and walk out, and she goes right to sleep. She hasn’t ever tried to get up out of her toddler bed, and we’re very thankful for that! She’s been super moody after her afternoon naps though. It takes her a while to wake up and get back to her chipper self.
  • She’s really catching on to all things Christmas, and is having a blast with our Advent activities. She talks about Santa on a daily basis, and absolutely loves Christmas trees.
  • I know I say it pretty much every month, but she just keeps getting more and more fun. She’s been so playful and happy this past month, and being able to converse with her more makes it a lot easier to understand what’s going on inside that head of hers. She’s been talking a lot more about the baby too, and seems to really be looking forward to having a baby brother. I still worry that we’ll have some jealousy issues and that it won’t be the easiest transition, but the fact that she’s more willing to talk about it now than she was a couple of months ago, and has started playing with her baby dolls more recently, has me hopeful.

Now here’s a little photo recap of Rosen’s 2nd year:


IMG_2917 copy











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