“A portrait of each of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


Rosen: Sampling my bubble tea smoothie at lunch. She shared a little bit with me ;-).


Saxon: It’s so hard to tell what color his eyes are in photos, and that’s probably because there’s not really much color to them. I would describe them as dark gray right now. I was hoping he would end up with brown eyes like his daddy, but I guess there’s still time. He does know how to rock those dark gray eyes though!

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  • Shannon says:

    Totally agreed about Saxon. They look dark brown in pictures, but then once in awhile you can tell they are lighter. He still has time. Alex will be 9 months in just a few weeks and I’m hoping his baby blues stay. I love my brown eyed girl (like mama), but I also want a blue eyed boy (like dada)!

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